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Formal / Prom Dress Alterations in Newmarket

Formal / Prom dresses are usually designed in a very complex manner.

This means that a local dry-cleaner, or general seamstress, may not be the best person to do alterations. The best advice is to look for professional ladies tailoring and design services.

SalStyle is the leading tailors in Newmarket and are specialists in formal, prom and evening dress alterations.

We will help re-organize the bustles, intricately sewn hems, and many other details.

It is important to note that when a dress is being altered, a lot can be done. The most experienced designers are used to working on evening dress alterations, and also on wedding dresses. In short, as soon as they get the mandate to alter a dress, they can go as far as changing the design of the dress completely. The owner of the dress therefore has to decide how much change they want to see on their dress.

Salstyle have been in the market over 28 years and can be trusted to make great evening dress alterations, and formal dress adjustments demonstrating their ability to work with the latest fabrics and finishing.

Well, with extensive knowledge, and numerous positive feedback from satisfied clients, you can never go wrong!

Dress Alterations in Newmarket

Our seamstresses can alter all types of dress, wedding dress, cocktail dress, ball gown and evening gown.

We have experienced professional dress fitters who can take accurate body measurements to ensure you achieve the perfect fit. All dress alterations are carried out on site so whether you want to shorten a hem or replace a zip, or even a full-dress re-modeling, we are available and you are free to pop in at any time.

Dress Remodeling in Newmarket

Our esteemed remodeling service breathes new life into forlorn dresses – just bring them in for a consultation with one of our lovely seamstresses.

If you have bought something off the rail but would like to change the length, neckline or sleeves we can re-style it so it’s the perfect dress for you.

If you’ve lost or gained weight since purchasing a dress and need your dress remolded to fit like a glove, then pop by for a fitting so we can make the necessary alterations.

Dress Fitting in Newmarket

Accurate body measurements are the key to obtaining a good fit in any garment. There are a number of measurements which can be taken and may be required depending on what garment is being created or altered. These measurements are best taken by a professional fitter and may include the following:

  • Bust: Around the fullest part
  • Waist: Around the waist (quite tight)
  • Hip: Around the fullest part of the hips
  • Centre Back: From the nape of the neck to the waist
  • Center Front: From the base of the neck to the waist
  • Back Shoulder Height: From the shoulder at the neck to the waist
  • Front Shoulder Height: From the shoulder at the neck to the waist
  • Across Back: From armhole to armhole
  • Full Back: From side seam to side seam
  • Across Front: From armhole to armhole
  • Full Front: Across the bust from side seam to side seam
  • Side Seam: From the armhole to the waist
  • Shoulder: From the neck to the sleeve crown
  • Neck Circumference: Quite loose measurement around the base of the neck
  • Crotch: When seated, from the waist to the chair
  • Outside Leg: From the waist over the hip to ankle
  • Inside Leg: The crotch to the inside ankle
  • Thigh: Around the fullest part of the thigh
  • Calf: Around the fullest part of the calf
  • Ankle: Around the ankle
  • Overarm: From the sleeve crown round the bent elbow to the wrist
  • Underarm: From the bottom of the armhole to the wrist
  • Bicep: Around the fullest part of the upper arm
  • Elbow: Around the bent elbow
  • Fitted Wrist: Around the wrist
  • Loose Wrist: Around the broadest part of the hand